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Same Day Service Upon Request

Generally, AISM will do the inspection the same day you call and have the lab results the following day. In some instances, the scope of work may require additional time for sampling and laboratory results.

AISM will provide proof of inspection documentation that is required by all municipalities. Rush Inspections are available for results in 4-6 hours. This service is more expensive than the normal turn around.

AISM is licensed to operate throughout the State of Texas. Our home office is located in Plano, Texas with a branch in Fort Worth, Texas. Our primary service area is Northwest, North Central and Northeast Texas. The area generally includes Denison north, Longview east, Waco south and Abilene west. In limiting our service area, we are better able to service our clients quickly and insure a prompt turnaround of the sample's results and proof of inspection documentation. If your property is located outside our primary service area call for a quote and estimated response time.


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